Getting Started


The Central Dank (CD) is currently in beta, this means that there will be bugs in the programming and that we DON’T RECOMMEND trading memes worth large amounts of money as you may lose them, and that all trade is being done on the test network and once the CD is out of beta NONE of the memes or data will be moved to the main network.

At this time the GUI/Dashboard is in alpha with basic functionality, however, you can still access and use the contracts on the testnet using the Ethereum/Mist Wallet. This is only recommended for advanced users as it may not be user-friendly for non-technologically able people and does mean that you have to download the Ethereum blockchain to work which may take some time depending on your internet connection.

The Dank Meme Exchange contract is still in the testing phase will be made public soon. It is significantly more complex so more effort is going into testing it before a public release.

We highly recommend that you read the Ethereum documentation before continuing, as the following instructions assume you have the basic knowledge of Ethereum and the Mist/Ethereum wallet, and that the Mist/Ethereum wallet is installed. As the GUI of the CD gets developed and released less knowledge of the Mist/Ethereum wallet will be needed but you will still need to know how it works and how to use it.

Ethereum/Mist Wallet Instructions

First, make sure your Mist/Ethereum Wallet is on the testnet, not the main network. Do this by going to Develop > Network > Testnet (Morden). Then go to the Contracts tab and add each of these contracts by click “Watch Contract” and adding the information for each contract one at a time. The contract information can be downloaded here.

Dashboard Alpha Instructions

You can access the GUI/Dashboard here or by navigating to it on the navigation bar. In order to use it you must view it in an Ethereum enabled browser. At the moment it has only been tested with MetaMask. MetaMask is a chrome extension that adds Ethereum capabilities to chrome, simply install and set it up then navigate to the GUI from this website. You can also try viewing it from the Ethereum/Mist Wallet.





Dankness is the currency that is used in the exchange to buy and sell memes. It is an intermediate between the base currency of Ethereum and Memes. This is used because with Dankness you can allow other people access to an amount of your Dankness to use, this allows you to grant access to the exchange so that when selling or buying memes the exchange can immediately make the transaction for you. Only grant access to the amount of Dankness you are actually willing to buy or sell with on the exchange. This is because although the exchange won’t take more that you specified if a bug happens you don’t lose all your Dankness. Dankness can have up to 10 decimal places and in raw outputs of functions the decimal place won’t show up so an output of 10000000000 is actually 1 Dankness.

Dankness Faucet

This contract will give 10 dankness to any address that calls its “payout” function but only once to each. This contact is here in the testing phase so that people can get some dankness to test with.


Memes are the contract that stores the data about each meme and who has a share of it. Each meme has an id/name and a URL pointing to where the meme is stored. Anyone can index a meme however it does cost Ether to do so, this is done to help stop the abuse of indexing and the cost should remain low for the testing phase. When you submit a meme you must TAKE NOTE of its id/name as this is its unique identifier and you will need it to trade and use the meme. The URL of a meme must point to an image or video, and must also remain a live link to the image or video. However, this will not be checked by the contact itself. This is because it would be impossible for the contract to do so, however because the meme trade is an open market this does not matter as badly/wrongly indexed memes will quickly fall to obscurity on the Dank Meme Exchange, unless that in of itself becomes a meme. You can also grant permission to trade meme shares you have to other people much like Dankness, allowing the Exchange to perform transactions for you.