About us

The Central Dank (CD) is the central governing body of the Ethereum based meme economy. This new organisation has been founded to further the study of memeology and to ensure the bringing of the trade of memes to the 21st century. Using new blockchain technology the CD is developing Ethereum contracts to facilitate the trade of memes and to usher in a new form of currency based on the Pepe standard (Dankness). Effectively decentralising the meme trade records and securing trade of even the dankest of memes.

Ethereum is a decentralised network that runs smart contracts (programs) and stores the value in a blockchain. Using this platform the CD allows meme traders to index memes on the Ethereum network and then trade between each other using a separate meme based currency controlled by the CD called Dankness. 

The Dank Meme Exchange (DMX) is another Ethereum contract that will facilitate the exchange of both memes and Dankness, and Dankness and Ether (the base currency of the Ethereum network). Thus bringing the black market trade of memes into a new respectable marketplace, where people can trade memes with security.

The CD is currently in an open beta with major testing still underway. If you wish to participate in the new frontier of meme trade please see the getting started page.